Dugong Research Paper

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Would you like to go to the zoo and see theses amazing dugong? If so they have big mouths and they make sound like no other they can breathe while standing. All dugongs grow tusks, but they are only visible in older males. They have a very wide range, throughout the Indo-Pacific region, and their largest population is found in the northern waters of Australia. They are considered vulnerable to extinction due to hunting, pollution, being hit by boats and getting caught in fishing nets. Young dugongs are also sometimes eaten by large sharks, saltwater crocodiles and orcas. Because they are very slow breeders, it will take a long time for their population to recover. This report about the Dugong will focus its appearance, habitat and diet, and give some interesting facts.

First, i’m going to talk about their appearance of a dugong, is that it’s an enormous vegetarian under the ocean, The mostly live East Africa to Australia. And they are very related to manatees and similar in appearance and behavior. Dugong has a large mouth to eat sea grass. They are not fast swimmers but they get get away quickly. Male Dugong will develop their tusks, But females don't get tusks. Dugong can survive up to 70 years, Dugong are very strong, but a female only attacks a animal if they attack their calf. dugong is also
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Dugongs are shutting down because of the very slow reproduction. They have very flat tails. And has very a lot of features of an elephant. Dugong can communicate with other by making sound such as like chirp-squeaks and some trills. Dugong beaches like us, they use their lungs like we do. If the dugong don't go up to the surface in 6mins, or it could have some problems. Therefore, there's a lot of interesting facts about a dugong and mostly a lot of weight on
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