Dui Analysis Report On Alcohol

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DUI ANALYSIS REPORT Introduction: long ago the government banned the ability to make alcohol. This has caused a huge uproar which then people started to boot legging, as more and more people started to drink in the safety of their own homes. After the government saw how people were protesting this new law, they decided that they should left the ban. Since then people were able to drink in public, which in return has created another issue, now that they are drunk at a bar, how do they get home. Rather than taking the safe option and utilize some of the state and local programs and call a tow truck, the Driver chooses to just drive how drunk. They think that it’s ok, since they do not have their full mind. Background: Types of Alcohol…show more content…
Limitations: There are many items that can make this report more reliable. The items that I can prove are how alcohol gets in the blood, what goes in the mind of a DUI driver, why DUI drivers think they can drive. Questions: How many People get killed or injured by DUI drivers in the United States in 2012? How many people got killed or injured by DUI in Florida in 2012? What are some of the programs that exist already in the state of Florida that can prevent DUI? Methods: 1. What does DUI mean? 2. Research the Florida Department of Transportation 3. Find State Programs Sample: The sample group I am using for this study is all drivers in the United States and more in Florida. Also I am looking in to Drivers that choose to DUI. Instrumentation: The only device that I have used during my study is the internet. However, Law enforcement would use a breath analysis to determine the amount of alcohol in a person’s blood. Results: As we are able to gather from both of these graph which came from U.S. Department of Transportation. We are currently slightly down on DUI’s, but the part that I have found to be even more shocking in a good way that fatalities not involving alcohol has drop almost 10,000. While this graph only shows the amount of crashes it does not put it in as detailed as the next graph does. This Graph came from the same website; its showing that most fatalities
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