Duke Energy Plan And Address The Security Aspects Of Its Network

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Firewall Application
Duke Energy should carefully plan and address the security aspects of its network by implementing appropriate firewalls. Duke Energy should implement appropriate security management practices and controls when maintaining and operating a secure network. It is imperative to ensure that the architecture of its network complies with industry standard security requirements. Duke Energy 's IT organizations should commit to the ongoing process of maintaining the security of device connected to their network.
Securing Network of Duke Energy Duke Energy is a large utility company in the United States and it is vital that they proactively safeguard its IT infrastructure. Duke Energy 's infrastructure assists them in severing its customer who relies on power to accomplish aspects in their everyday lives. The IT department of Duke Energy has to ensure that all systems are secure and availability to ensure that their customers can access their billing information in a timely manner. A consistent review and audit must be performed to manage potential outages and impacts to the IT infrastructure from improperly configured servers, firewalls, or routers utilized to connect the external customer to the organization and to limit internal traffic from be discovered by external sources (Al-Shaer, & Hamed, 2004).
Firewalls are devices or programs that control the flow of network traffic between networks or hosts that employ differing security…
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