Duke Students And Workers In Solidarity Summary

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This past Friday nine students, members of “Duke Students & Workers in Solidarity” have been protesting a sit-in on Duke University campus in the Allen Administration building, while supporters camped outside on campus grounds. The students have been researching the history of workers’ rights and political organization, while looking into the treatment of Duke's lowest-paid employees, which has become the central theme of the protest. The protest started out about an incident relating to a parking-lot incident involving a senior administrator, Mr. Trask two years ago, who hit a parking attendant, made a racial slur and drove away. He never admitted to any of the charges, however apologized to the attendant for his conduct. This week
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I decided to write about this article instead, which I found extremely interesting. I thought about how refreshing it was to read about students taking on issues of economic inequalities for campus workers, who some may feel don’t really affect them or concern them. As stated in the summary, Duke is no stranger to sit-ins as a similar protest in 1999n was organized to ensure the university was not using sweatshops to manufacture Duke clothing. What is this saying about Duke University? Is Duke a promoter of cheap labor and paying low wages to their employees? From a public relations position it is concerning for the reputation of the university, the community who depends on Duke for employment and students who attend the university. The learning that comes from this is that students are realizing their legal rights to politically organize protests, and they are winning. The concerns and needs of college workers have seemed to have been overlooked by Duke University. The college operates in a bureaucratic sense. Much in the same way the government is more concerned with process and procedures at the expense of efficiency or common
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