Essay on Dukwane S Deliverance

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Dukwane’s deliverance
Being different is not always bad. It can as well mean to be capable of doing something others wouldn’t have done, to have a dream of becoming something that extends beyond your social environment. But it can be a complicated road to achieving this dream and you can meet different obstacles that need to be overcome. Sometimes deliverance is the answer. This is the situation presented in the short story “Dukwane’s deliverance”, written by Neil Ramsorrum, where the boy, Dukwane, looses the ability to walk while having a plan on attending Cambridge University. He has to deal with the fact that he is a black teenage, who lives in a society where most people are white and despite that he is a cripple as well. The main
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Dukwane is furthermore a very courageous teenager who wants to do the right thing. “Dukwane gets up first, his hand raised to try and calm the gang of four, instinctively he places his body between the kid and his pursers”. He chooses to protect the child from getting caught and ends up being stabbed himself. “You always do the right thing”, is what Jermaine said afterwards and even after the suggestion of revenge Dukwane does the right thing and refuses. But despite being different he is as well a part of the social environment. “”Melones hugos! Nice,” said Dukwane in what he imagined was a Spanish accent. “That’s all you think about.”” His use of colloquial language indicates that he can act as the others when the situation comes.

The story is told with a third person narrator, who has a limited omniscient point of view. This means that the reader sees the events and other characters from Dukwane’s point of view. This way of telling a story involves the reader more than an “all knowing” third person narrator by giving the narrator an identity and makes it more interesting for the reader because everything becomes possible when the narrator isn’t “all knowing”. You can other than that say that the reader is involved due the knowledge of Dukwane’s thoughts and feelings. “He hears the sound after he feels it. Almost like the release of air, his body no longer in his

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