Y180 Tma01

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Y180 – TMA 01.

Task 1

Question 1

a) Describe what effects the poem has on you

b) Say what you think the subject matter is.

Use no more than 100 words in your answer to Question 1.

a) I really liked this poem; I thought it was very vivid and memorable. It made me feel angry and sad for the soldiers that died and for the suffering of the other soldiers, their injuries, their trauma and the conditions they had to endure. My daughter also read this poem and it affected her in a similar way; it made her feel sad, angry and ashamed for the things that happened. (71)

b) I think this poem is protesting about the war and all its horrors, giving an account of the war, and warning against the glorification of
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There were a few similes, such as in stanza 1, line 1 – ‘like old beggars under sacks’ that emphasised the description made. There were several instances of alliteration; one of them in the last stanza, line 3, with the words ‘watch the white eyes writhing’. They all help to stress the meaning and importance of these lines, bringing a vivid picture to mind. We noticed the use of internal rhyme in stanza 2 lines 3 and 4, ‘stumbling/flound’ring’, drawing attention to the description. The rhyme scheme of alternating rhyming end-lines, with 10 syllables per line, gives the poem rhyme, metre, structure and order, making the words flow; making it easier to read, more memorable, and drawing attention to the sounds of the words. There are some disruptions to this, such as the short, sharp, last line, which makes the reader more aware, and places emphasis on, the meaning and importance of those words. We both noticed that stanza 2 appeared to be shorter than verse 1 with a shorter, 2 line stanza following it. I interpreted this as another disruption to the scheme of the poem to place importance on the words of the 2 line stanza. The final verse is longer than the others, again a disruption for effect. It also contains a Latin quote that, at that time, would have been taught in grammar schools, so Owen would have expected his readers to understand the Latin quotation at the
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