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Task 1
There has been a new trend leading to increase in demand for broken colour effect paints. This demand for special effects paints was realized by ICI Dulux Trade Paints and they introduced a new product for fulfillment of demand for broken effect. Competitors of Dulux getting aware of market demand they also launched special effects paints and at cheaper cost to consumers. The entrance of competitor turned the sale of Dulux products down. As Marketing Consultant this is a report to Marketing Manager, stating the Marketing Audit, SWOT analysis, segmentation, branding and positioning. This report gives a brief idea to marketing manager about what are the weakness and how he can make his company overcome that weakness.
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* Threats – Increase in competition from major competitors as they had invested lot of funds in respect to broken colour effects paints. Downfall in sales is an important threat to Dulux.

Task 2

Industrial Segmentation – it is the procedure through which the companies are in a place to maximise their aggressive vantage and service their mark markets in the most efficacious mode. Various characteristics assist in segmenting business markets. Final consumers of product are not directly linked with organization. There is a channel of distribution for product to reach consumer. For example, there are distributors to distribute and promote the product to various contractors and wholesalers, where wholesalers transmit the product to retailers through there own distribution networks. These intermediaries play a vital role in introducing the product in market.
However, out of all segments the major segments are construction companies, builders, distributors, contractors, architect, wholesalers and retailers. (Cravens, David. 1997)
Segments to Target – * Construction companies – ICI Dulux trade paints is leading supplier of paints in UK. Dulux has a strong Goodwill for the supply of quality products. Construction companies like Balfour Beatty, Carillion, Laing O'Rourke and many more are the leading construction companies
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