Dumbo Octopus: North Pacific Ocean Near The Philippines

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Do you ever hear, that thy Dumbo Octopus lives 9,800 to 13,000 feet below sea level in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans? The area that I am going to focus on is the North Pacific Ocean near the Philippines. The Dumbo Octopus name was based off of Walt Disney’s Dumbo, because of the “ears” coming off of the side of it.
The Marine biome is very cold and can reach 12.6℉ at 13,000 ft. underwater. Many different types of plants and animals live in this cold water. Examples of these abiotic features, plant life, is purple coral, the sea anemone, sea whip, sun coral, soft coral, and brain coral. These plants all live in the water deep below the ocean. These plants have plants all have animals that live inside them.
Examples of these animals, animals,
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