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DUMMY ADVERTISING VEHICLE Dummy vehicle advertising is pretesting method of measuring advertisement effectiveness. Pretesting: Pre-tests include both concept ads and finished ads that have not yet been deployed or been evaluated and measured. In the concept test, the ad has not yet been created or is in an intermediary state of completion. It might be in storyboard form, live-action rough form, or exist as an animatic. The consumer might be able to offer some suggestions and reactions about the message and execution, but often is constrained by his or her inability to visualize the ad in the final version. The consumer might like some elements of the preliminary ad, and then apply a halo effect to the rest of the unfinished ad in…show more content…
The result can look more realistic than the folders described above, while keeping the cost low. 5. Advertisements shown on their own - either just the test ads, or including some other ads to create a mild disguise. These could be finished printed ads or roughs. This is the most artificial of the methods which use ads printed on paper. 6. Projecting advertisements onto a screen or wall, or within a closed box of some kind, for a fixed time (usually a few seconds only). This is not only the most artificial form of exposure, but it also runs counter to a prime characteristic of magazine advertisements - the reader’s ability to hold the ad and examine it for as long as desired. On the other hand, it is method of ascertaining what information can be derived from the ad on an occasion when a reader only scans it quickly and does not read it in detail before turning the page. Exposing the stimuli Having prepared the test advertisements, there are a number of options for exposing them to respondents. In practice these two elements must be considered together from the start of course. 1. Finding people who have read the relevant issue of the magazine in the normal way - an issue which they obtained themselves without knowing they would be interviewed. They can then be shown the interviewer’s copy of the issue as a prompt while being asked questions. This means that exposure to the advertising and editorial has been

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