Dumpster Diving

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“On Dumpster Diving” by Lars Eighner is an essay about the author’s personal struggles of homelessness and the art of getting his daily necessities from local Dumpsters. Even before he was homeless, he had started to “Dumpster dive,” or “scavenge,” as he calls it, due to the depletion of his savings (Eighner 161). Despite the fact that the essay is about the author’s homeless experiences, he manages to remove most of the emotion from the essay and takes more of an approach that seems like he’s writing a Dumpster diving guide. Eighner utilizes many style elements including writing with a strong sense of reason and judgment, contemporary information, and his general dejected tone. This essay seems like it could have been written for two…show more content…
Although it is not as apparent, Eighner also writes with an underlining sense of sadness. Emotion only plays into his essay a couple of times for the reader, but for the most part, the essay is primarily logical. One big factor that plays on the reader’s emotions is the fact that he is homeless, which is the main reason he has
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