Duncan Barbour Was Born In 1936 Introduced Barbour International.

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Duncan Barbour was born in 1936 introduced Barbour international. It is well known for its high quality garments such as motor cycle jackets and all in one riding suits (Outdoor and Country, 2017). It is admired by the international racing team for more than 40 years, developing a sense of affection for the most famous motorcycle jacket. Decision making models are complex and include many stages. John Dewey model (Dewey,1910), indicated more than 100 years ago and emphasised on five stages as a difficulty is felt, difficulty is located and defined, possible solutions are suggested, consequences are considered and a solution is accepted (Blythe,2013). The decision making process is complex. Later, Engel, Kollat and Blackwell introduced the…show more content…
Different individuals have different level of involvement with regard to their personality, socio economic and demographic factors. A segment is a distinctive group of customers, who share some characteristics that make them different from other groups (Proctor, 2005). Different segments have different requirements, they may need different version of the same product, they may pay different prices, they may prefer to buy in different places. Hence the customers can be grouped together by attitudes, lifestyle, age, gender, job types. We can segment consumer markets as geographic, demographic, psychographic and behaviour patterns. Geographic relate to the area in which people live, which may be relevant to the catalogue company as more northerly customers will need warmer clothes. Geographic include postcodes on the bases of census or lifestyle and lifestyle characteristics obtained from wide range of sources. Demographic segmentation include age, income, family size, socio economic status. Demographic segmentation assumes that consumers with similar demographic profile will exhibit similar purchasing patterns, motivation, interest, lifestyle and characteristic will consider similar brand preferences. Psychographic segmentation which is known as lifestyle segmentation is related to the interest, activities and opinion of customers. Psychographic enables marketers to identify market segments and understand customer motivation for product or a

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