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     This book all started with the family Atreides landing on plant Arrakis, commonly known as Dune. The planet Dune was the centre of the universe due to its immense amounts of spice. This spice is greatly needed for all planets as fuel and for raw materials. The family Atreides were asked by Emperor himself to go and mine the spice on the planet. Their greatest enemy the Harkonnen's, were also on Dune. These two families mining the precious spice on the same plant would lead to great troubles and wars.
     Soon after that, I was introduced to a very brave and insightful young man. The young man is Paul Atreides. Paul is medium height with short, black hair. His mother Jessica is
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They taught Paul much about fighting and protecting himself from his enemies. These men along with Paul's mother and father helped prepare him for the coming hardships ahead. A group of people named the Fremen also were presented. They were people who lived in the desert within the forbidden zone. The forbidden zone was where no one would ever travel. It was said that there are huge masses of Fremen there along with giant sandworms reaching a length of four hundred and fifty meters. The Fremen harvested spice, lived in the cities and in underground cities. Their eyes were bright blue on blue due to the saturation of the spice which changed their colour.      The beginning of this book was very interesting and told me much about each characters background and personality. I knew there was something special about Paul and his mother right from the start just by how the author described them. The family Atreides was very strong and even feared by the Emperor himself because he knew that Paul was the prophet who was destined to stop all violence, hunger, spice mining, armies and fighting. He was to bring a new era along with his leadership. This frightened the Emperor that forced him to act against the
Atreides family.
     The Harkonnen's seemed a bit too uninteresting and average to me. They were evil and hated all that was good. The author should of added a bit more “ spice” to their characters. This would of made the story
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