Duneier's Method Of Study

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From the hypothesis: dietary and nutrition based education programs in lower income communities reduce the prevalence of Type 2 diabetes by illuminating the dangers of fast food as a regular indulgence; The dependent variable is the people who have or are at risk for having type 2 diabetes. The people are the ones affected by the change because they are changing their diet so they reduce the likelihood of type 2 diabetes, or eliminating it from their diagnosis with diet change. The independent variable from the hypothesis is not eat basically not eating fast food will reduce the risk of type two diabetes. Thus, the cause of change is not eating fast food making it the independent variable.
Surveys are one of the most common tools used for
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Duneier studied a group of primarily African American homeless men he studied them by living with them; this methodology of study is called participant observation. I believe Mitch Duneier used the participant observation for his method of study because he wanted to know what life was like for people who are homeless, how dangerous is it? Where the homeless could be found? Do they work? If they do what type of work do they do? Do they really sleep on park benches at night? Do they feel rejected in society? All these were questions Duneier wanted answers to, and what better way to find out then to actually I’ve and interact with these people of a daily basis. Duneier could of went around interviewing the group of homeless man but he didn't , participant observation help researches combine subjective knowledge gained through personal involvement and objective knowledge by recording of what he had seen. The question of ethics with participant observations one in which I had to think about for a little while, after some thought I feel as though if the group of people who were homeless were informed of Duneier study then I do not see any ethical issues with this method of study. However, if they were not informed I do not think that it is ethical. It is hard for me to know that in this instance the homeless people primarily African American men eventually accepted a Caucasian man into their group. Duneier was able to observe and interact with these people at possible the most vulnerable times in their lives. Duneier likely formed sometime of relationship with these people and from my perspective if I was not informed that this as part of a study and later found out after the fact I would be angry and feel violated and
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