Dunkin Donuts And Low Involvement Utilitarian

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Dunkin Donuts/ Low Involvement Utilitarian A. Why I Bought the Product I buy Dunkin Donuts as a utilitarian product because in my perspective, the quality of the coffee is slightly lower as compared to other places, however, it is still the best choice of lower quality products. I don’t generally buy Dunkin Donuts to fulfil my psychological needs of belonging and fitting in, I buy it because I have a strong desire to have coffee, but also because it’s convenient and I want to save as much money as I can. I try to be frugal about my purchases, but at the same time I also do not want to put in a large amount of effort into the decision-making process. Because of my familiarity with the products, I know Dunkin Donuts is going to have…show more content…
It sells coffee that is not necessarily the finest quality at lower prices than its competitors. As a result, it is more appealing to people such as myself that would like coffee, but at more affordable prices. My family also influences my decision to purchase from a Dunkin Donuts establishment. My mom has been taking me to Dunkin Donuts since I was a kid and fostered my love for the company at an early age, granted my love for the company was for donuts at the time. But now that I’m older, my mom and I enjoy a cup of coffee at their establishment together and my fondness for Dunkin Donuts has grown even more. Additionally, the way Dunkin Donuts markets their products and having several convenient locations persuades me to purchase from them. Endorsements from celebrities and stylish commercials draws me in to their establishment. Dunkin Donuts knows how to use bright eye-catching colors and friendly adds to persuade me enough to make a purchase. When I’m out and about and thinking about their catchy ads, I usually don’t hesitate to stop by one of their locations and purchase items from them. Having several locations to choose from makes my choice in purchasing from Dunkin Donuts even easier. Furthermore, stimuli and my personal experience with the company motivates me to choose Dunkin Donuts over other coffee establishments. The bright colors of the building, the iconic giant D’s on the doors, and the warm aroma of donuts and coffee have an instant effect on me. It
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