Dunkin Donuts Case Study

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Dunkin Donuts is a Massachusetts-based donut-and-coffee chain. Founded in the year 1950, and the company have become one of the biggest coffee chains globally. The food chain is currently operating with about 12,000 stores around 36 countries. The food chain also serves bagels and baked products with a wide variety of iced and hot beverages. I have been working with this store in the Midwest as a manager for the past two years. My current employers found my managing abilities quite impressive and promoted me to the District Manager. Furthermore, my employers have committed a significant amount of capital and plan to open five new locations in the next two years. As the new District Manager, I will hold all responsibilities to structure and operate the new five centers. The following sections of the paper will discuss the approach I will follow to manage these new centers. The study below discusses my job design, organizational design, recruiting and selection process with training and performance appraisal process. Lastly, the paper will conclude the overall methods that will help me to grow the business in the given geographical location. Job Design The job design or job role of the District Manager may encompass several things. Being the manager for five stores, I hold responsibilities to coordinate, execute, plan and organize things that are related to the food chain. It is also essential for me as a District Manager to completely understand all the policies, procedures,

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