Dunkin Donuts District Manager

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Dunkin’ Donuts Joe Schmoe MGT 330: Management for Organizations Prof. Frances Marvel March 11, 2014 Dunkin Donuts As a district manager, many responsibilities come with the job. District management is responsible for virtually all the operations in the company with respect to the business goals that have been set out in the company plan. This is especially the case when the district assigned is a group of new area start-ups. District managers are responsible for the allocation of resources, hiring, training and managing teams. The roles of a district manager starting new Dunkin’ Donuts locations are no different yet they include the responsibility for a smooth start. These added responsibilities include job design,…show more content…
The experimentation process will help continuously to answer the questions: what is the amount of value that a position will bring to the organization and how can the job be done more efficiently and effectively? Job Analysis further helps in making “Job Description” and “Job Specification” as it is used as point of reference. Job Description Once we understand requirements for the position, then next step is to define ways of meeting those needs. It includes the amount of resources and authority the position provides to fulfill the business need. A job description can be as simple as a list of tasks required by the individual holding the position. Formal job descriptions will include level of responsibility, expected outcome, including reporting line and other interactions. Once expectations, and means of attaining expectations are documented, then sketching ideal candidate will become easier. Job Specification Job specifications “identify the eligibility requirements or qualifications needed to perform a job” (Baack, et al., 2014, Ch. 4.4). In other words, job specification is a sort of sketch of an ideal candidate. Job specification highlights required levels of education, experience, physical and technical abilities, as well as desired social skills. Job specification is used to screen job application of candidates, and job description will be of help during interviews. Candidates should be educated about the job description, it is also
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