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Being the manager of any given organization (Effective management skills) such as a business comes with many responsibilities and associated challenges and thus the right skills are required for any person to take up such a responsibility, so as to be in a position to carry out tasks such as managing and controlling the task force as well as acquiring new labor force into the organization. In order for the manager to be effective, he or she needs to have the qualities that are fundamental in order to take up and be ready for any task that needs to be executed.
To be an effective manager and raise up the ranks to be appointed as the district manager for five upcoming locations for the organization already feels like a great achievement and this was due to the fact that I put my skills in management up first and I was in a position to up hold a few management tips that included the ability to;
• Accept that I had a lot to learn I order to be an effective manager.
• Develop an effective communication channel and protocol with my task force so as to ensure that there was information flow and instructions from one person to the other so that each and every person in the organization was in a position to be as productive as possible.
• Being a role model and a source of inspiration to the staff I was working with was also fundamental in being an effective manager I am today since I was in a position to encourage and install motivation into the…

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