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Dunkin Donuts enter to Taiwan’s Market

Content I. Introduction II. Body
Dunkin Donuts background and history
Dunkin Donuts enter to Taiwan Market
Dunkin Donuts facing the biggest issue
Dunkin Donuts Locking the strategy III. Conclusion

Dunkin Donuts is one of the biggest donuts and coffee shop around the United States. A lot of people in the States would purchase from Dunkin every single morning, because it faster with low prices. However, Dunkin Donuts are not successful in Taiwanese market. The store has been enter to Taiwan’s market twice but also leave the market , This research paper we would discussion why Dunkin Donut is successful in United States market but no the market in Taiwan.
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Dunkin Donuts facing the biggest issue
After Dunkin Donuts opened the store in Taiwan, the Japanese Mister Donuts decided to enter to Taiwan’s market. Yet the two donuts stores are very competitions towards each other’s, Dunkin Donuts and Mister Donuts are always open next to each other’s. Mister Daunts are one of the biggest problems that Dunkin Donuts are facing. I made a SWOT Analysis in this paper page 8.
Since Japan and Taiwan are closer to each other’s, Japan understands what the flavors that Taiwanese customers are looking for. There is an interesting affect the Dunkin Donuts was entered to Japan market in the early 90’s but no one could accept. According to Krispy Kreme: Nuts to go for Dough in Japan? Fiorella mention that “First things first. Japanese consumers are no strangers to doughnuts—both Dunkin' Donuts and Mister Donuts launched in Japan in the early 70's, so the Japanese have been consuming chain-store doughnuts for over 35 years. Moreover, basic doughnut varieties (plain, sugared, glazed) are now widely available at supermarkets, conveniences stores—and even at fast food restaurants like Wendy's (where they are offered on the breakfast menu). So basic product familiarity is not going to be a problem. That being said, entering the Japanese market with a new doughnut franchise can hardly be considered a "no brainer." Dunkin' Donuts—which is the largest doughnut chain in the

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