Dunkin Donuts

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QUEZON CITY POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY 673 Quirino Highway, San Bartolome Novaliches, Quezon City INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT In Partial fulfillment of the requirements for Elective 1: Strategic Management Submitted by: Buce, Zumel Esquejo, Michelle Nemenzo, Nemesis Tesalona, Christopher Ybaritta, Kenny Submitted to: Engineer Aura Marie Baltazar Novesteras Table of Contents I. Introduction A. Company Profile a. History b. Mission and Vision Statement c. Important Events, Issues and Activities d. Organizational Chart B. Competitors Profile II. Industry Analysis A. External Factors B. Internal Factors III. Competitive Analysis: Porteu’s Five Model IV. Strategy Formulation A.…show more content…
Due Diligencer is posing here a few queries that only Henares and her chosen expert, and hopefully honest, tax examiners could properly explain. She need not worry about the repercussion of any explanation she could provide Due Diligencer. She is assured that the queries revolve around the use of percentages in GDI’s 2007-2007 financial reports. Did Due Diligencer pick GDI in random for this piece? To tell Henares the truth, it did not. Having been told that GDI has been making over a billion pesos a year in selling Dunkin’ Donuts, it got curious how on earth a company could make billions selling donuts despite the competition posed to it by Mister Donut and the few “small others” such as Country Style, a Canadian brand which Due Diligencer first tasted while vacationing in Canada in 2001. But before the story behind the percentages GDI used in computing franchise fees and royalties, Due Diligencer would try to analyze the company’s 2007 financial filing that shows its revenues climbed 12.92 percent to P1.17 billion from P1.04 billion in 2006. Of said revenues, sale of goods—meaning Dunkin Donuts—topped P1 billion at P1.03 billion, up 13.17 percent from P911.49 million. The other contributors to GDI’s revenues in 2007 and 2006 were royalties, P133.19 million, up 18.4 percent from P112.492 million; and franchise income, which dropped 39.30 percent from P16.22 million. In 2007, GDI reported tax expense which increased 11.6 percent to P31.987 million from P28.66
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