Dunn And Deady Hall Analysis

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Deciding whether or not President Michael Schill should rename Dunn and Deady Hall is a difficult topic laced with emotion, blurred facts, and controversial issues. However, through a deeper analysis of articles referencing the subject matter at hand and by developing a general understanding of Frederick Dunn and Matthew Deady, we are able to critically think about this subject with an enlightened perspective and ponder what will ultimately be the best decision President Schill can make for the University of Oregon. When I first started thinking about this issue, I knew nothing about Frederick Dunn and Matthew Deady, so to find out more about them, I went and talked with Rebecca Force, a Journalism Instructor at the University of…show more content…
My reasoning behind this was further supported by a name changing case that I had done research on from Clemson University in which the board of trustees chairman David Wilkins released a compelling statement, “Every great institution is built by imperfect craftsmen. Stone by stone they add to the foundation so that over many, many generations, we get a variety of stones. And so it is with Clemson. Some of our historical stones are rough and even unpleasant to look at. But they are ours and denying them, as part of our history does not make them any less so. For that reason, we will not change the name of our historical buildings” (Wilkins). This statement resonated with me and I thought that the reasoning behind it was solid. And I viewed the positive changes that Deady made in the later parts of his life as a reason in which the name shouldn’t be changed; because his transformation and open mindedness embodies a progressive philosophy our University can take pride in promoting. I felt as if Deady needed to have his name left on the building because of his historical importance and because the changes he made throughout his life are inspiring. As far as changing the name of Dunn hall is concerned, I was and am still in favor of removing the name of anyone that has the nerve to support white supremacy groups such as the Ku Klux
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