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Gina Mansour
English 111

The Norton Reader
Answers from On Dumpster Diving (pg. 28) 1. Eighner organizes his essay by breaking down how and why scavengers do what they do to survive. He begins his essay with how he became a scavenger and follows that with how to scavenge the best, safest way possible. He communicates how to choose the right dumpsters to dive into, how to determine if food is edible, and whether items are worth holding onto. I believe Eighner chose this type of organization throughout his essay to ease readers into the idea of scavenging through dumpsters. I feel like Eighner is almost trying to convince reader that’s scavenging through dumpster is not that bad, so if he shed the activities in a positive
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Answers from Beauty: When the Other Dancer is the Self (pg.44) 1. Walker put the word “accident” in quotations throughout her essay because her getting shot in the eye by her brother’s BB gun was not much of an accident. The story that was told to her parents suggested that a wire was responsible for her eye injury. I truly believe that Walker has come to peace with the “accident” and its consequences after her daughter had noticed her scar on her eye. She expressed her fear of the day her daughter would be old enough to notice her mother’s face was different than everyone else’s. Once her daughter had finally observed her physical flaw, she realized that it would not change how her daughter felt about her. 2. Throughout the essay, Walker chooses particular moments in her life to show how much she was affected by her injury throughout her entire life. She selects moments from different ages to show that time never healed how she felt about her injury. At every age, she came across moments that made her feel bad about the way she looked, whether it was from mean kids at school or taking a picture for a cover story. All the experiences she described related to her theme of “not changing” because although she was going through changes by growing up, her thoughts regarding her injury never did. Once she changed on the outside, she confidence about herself changed as well, so all the experiences she presented shows that she actually had

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