Duomo Of Alasko Research Paper

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Duomos, or Cathedrals in Italian, are some of the most beautiful, inspiring, and mysterious marks in Italian history. There are more than thirty notable Duomos that contain stunning artwork, most are highly decorated and some could even be considered artwork themselves. “One of the most beautiful Duomos in Italy is Siena Cathedral of Santa Maria” (Myrabella). The Duomo of Siena is considered one of the most beautiful because it is lined with many pieces of art. From its facades (front facing exterior wall), to the bell tower, the architecture is a statement in itself. The ceiling, the sides of the walls, and even the floor is covered in masterful pieces of work.
There is a major debate on how the Duomo of Siena was completely constructed. Over five hundred years of
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Nicola Pisano’s son, Giovanni, designed the Duomo’s Facade. The Marble facade, on the southwest side or the main entrance, has the most controversy over how, when, and even who, build it. Scholars have agreed that the lower facade under the direct supervision of Giovanni was built between 1284 to 1296, but the “perceived flaw in design of the facade: namely, the vertical misalignment of the piers framing the center portal in the lower story and those framing the rose window in the upper story” (Gillerman), of the facade have brought up different theories on how it came to be. Some believe that this discontinuity of the facade is to be a response of Giovanni’s explosive personality, while others, based more on the date of construction being later (1314), believe that it was understood to be a change in artistic leadership. There is a connection from the exterior to the interior where Giovanni followed his father's style continuing the sculpted figures. They can be seen covering every ledge and corner of the facade. Each statue on the facade is accompanied by an inscription. There also were sculpted animals, including, lions and griffins
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