Duped Or Cognizant?

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Duped or Cognizant? Within its many forms, subsets, and purposes, Culture has long been an object of investigation, dissection, and interpretation across various facets in business, literature, and everyday lives. It encompasses the most direct and contemporary aspects of our lives via entertainment, sports, news, music, politics, technology, fashion and more. As many of us have ventured into these outlets and taken interest (and obsession) with things within them, we are able to take what is being ‘sold’ to us and form our own meanings and also, create new ones. In the process of building upon our own interpretations and values based on these things we so strongly associate with, many of us have become part of a subset(s) within these…show more content…
Whatever the case, the consumption of these commodities by fans, viewers, users, members, or whatever the applicable term, has furthered the complexity and strength of our relationship with culture. The relationship between consumers, producers and commodities in my opinion, is nothing short of a power exchange. As John Fiske suggests, “if the cultural commodities or texts do not contain resources out of which the people can make their own meanings of their social relations and identities, they will be rejected and will fail in the marketplace. They will not be made popular” (2). For example, television shows that attract fan interests have a better chance of surviving than ones that do not. Producers who are interested in engaging with fans will generate more material relative to the show which subsequently, generates more profit, expands fantasies, and is more likely to please the viewer. However, without the approval or use of the consumer, producers will not achieve their underlying goal which is to generate profit. This degree of control possessed by the consumer over what is manufactured lies in the fact that individuals have a choice of what they will buy and a choice of whether or not they will purchase or participate in anything at all. It is because of this control that a boycott or an extreme dislike of a product is such an effective weapon against the producers of these products. The complex
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