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The Problems the company is facing is as follows: 1. Losing the position as the market leader. 2. People prefer alternate flooring to Carpeting and find it an ordeal to shop for carpets. 3. Customers were unhappy with the services provided by the retailers. 4. Fibre manufacturers were responsible for only supplying to the Carpet mills, thus the price and quantity standards were dictated by Carpet mills. 5. There was no proper market segmentation or market focus. Alternative Solutions to the problems 1. Develop the Brand name and ensure the customers know about DuPont and its products through various marketing strategies employed by the company. Some of the marketing strategies could be Advertisement in different industrial…show more content…
For this purpose the retailers need to be given proper training. Plan of action: 1. The company needs to have a clear understanding with the retailers about the change that is going to take place. Thus a meeting should be called wherein they sit together and have an open discussion. 2. Then the problems which are faced by the customers when interacting with the retailers should be communicated to them. 3. The retailers which are interested in bringing about changes should be kept part of the distribution chain and the others should be immediately fired. 4. Then the retailers should be given proper training sessions which are carried out by the DuPont experts, so that they have proper knowledge about the products they are selling. 5. The carpet mills should be provided with Technological assistance as well as quality standards should be communicated so that the mills are aware about the standards that need to be met. The company can ensure quality standards by carrying out quality assessment of the produce. Contingency Plans: If the training of the retailers does not bring about the desired results then the company should carry out proper surveys to understand the needs and desires of the customers in different markets, to ensure that they are being provided with, what will satisfy them the best. Thus proper survey teams should be

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