Dupont Case Study Analysis

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Table of Contents * Introduction * Problems Encountered * Analysis & Findings * Recommendations * SWOT analysis

* History Of Dupont : * Set up by E.I Dupont in USA. * In the almost 200 years since that time, it grew into a global company with a wide variety of energy, chemical, high technology and science based enterprises. * Europe market accounted for one-third of the revenue of Dupont. * Dupont scientists had played a lead role in the development of the synthetic fiber industry. * One of the most important product lines of Dupont was Carpet fiber. * Case Details : * Dupont carpet fiber had very little choice if it were to retain its position as a market leader in Europe.
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* Service rendered by retailers was very bad. * 40% had a problem in visualizing their rooms with no one to help. * Displays of colour and designs were lacking. * Reliability in delivery and fitting was a nightmare. * After sales service were missing.
Four ‘C’ Analysis:
Consumer wants and needs * In their market studies, Dupont have realised that consumer needs are not met by the current scenario of carpet market. So they focus on improving the purchasing experience of end customer and make it as pleasant as possible. They are trying to cover before, during and after purchasing experience in their action plan. Cost * The current situation and buying procedure is very time consuming and eating up the consumer opportunity cost. The new action plan is focused on reducing the time required for over all procedure.
* The new series of action is focused on smooth lining the end to end process in which customer is engaged. Right now customer try to avoid it because of inconvenience involved in the whole process. Communication * The current course of action is focused on making the process very interactive which ultimately register the end to end customer’s requirement and satisfy them.
Customer Pyramid Analysis * If we look at current situation of the market there is no scope if including new customers or moving them up the pyramid. But the rejuvenated business process sees all the
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