Dupont Case Study

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Running head: Dupont

Dupont Case Study
Tammi Ball
Ashford University
Dr. Nwabueze
BUS 661 – Leading Organizational Change
July 11, 2011

Abstract Tom Harris, the plant manager of DuPont, greeted everyone by name when he walked through the plant. This was the atmosphere within the company and seemed to be business as usual at DuPont. Recently, Orion, a DuPont manufacturing operation had been closed, the equipment disassembled and shipped to China, despite this change there seemed to be no particular concerns regarding the plant closing. When Tom contacted the University of Virginia, his motive was to gather information that would help improve the overall effectiveness of the organization. He was not looking to solve any
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Giving workers a voice can include allowing them to help define the problems and/or solutions, or as in the case of DuPont, they are encouraged to experiment with different ideas and they are free to decide to stop if the outcomes are not favorable.
Large Scale Change
A large scale change that could be imposed on DuPont would be an entire change in their quality system that ensures that their product meets expectations and requirements. The problem with this type and size of change requires full participation of all employees. Changing the way in which an organization ensures their product is good quality will require procedures, processes, techniques and testing to be changed to meet the new expectation. With effective communication, goals, direction and instruction, results will emerge with increased commitment, greatly reduced resistance within the organization by enhancing, innovation, adaptation, and learning. (Palmer, Dunford, Akins, 2009).
DuPont’s approach to change encourages experimental learning which is taking risks. According to (Palmer, Dunford, and Akins, 2009), if you describe every change as an experiment, the ability of people to digest it goes up an order of magnitude. From this perspective, plant management is encouraged to try different processes and procedures as long as they are willing to stop experiments that are not working. According to

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