Dupont's Social Responsibility Programs

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Select a Company Headquarters Introduction Over the last several years, corporations have become increasingly focused on social responsibility. This is when the firm will engage in practices that are designed to promote and address areas that are of social interest. To include: sustaining the environment, the standard of living inside communities and improving the quality of the life in different neighborhoods. The main reason why most organizations are engaging in these kinds of activities is to favorably standout with: customers, regulators and other stakeholders. (Farrell, 2012, pp. 73 81) Evidence of this can be seen with observations from Farrell (2012). He found that most multinational corporations will have practices that are focused on social responsibility because of the past track record of capitalism. This is when an anything goes atmosphere created a situation where firms were benefiting at the expense of everyone else. The growing outrage among the public about these practices, has meant that the majority of firms had to change. This is the point that they began to use social responsibility as a way to change the mindset of executives and the public image of the company. Over the course of time, this has been utilized to create a host of programs in achieving these objectives. (Farrell, 2012, pp. 73 81) However, a major problem is that these kinds of initiatives could be indirectly violating various provisions of the law. To fully understand the overall
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