Duracell Marketing Plan

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I. Executive Summary
 Duracell is a member of the Gillette Co. and is the alkaline battery market leader holding approximately 50 percent of the U.S. market share. Duracell has been forced to realign its prices in order to stay competitive with competitors who have introduced lower-cost brands. New advances in technology calls for the latest devices to be smaller, lighter, and more portable. Additionally, this new technology is placing increased demand for a stronger power supply and that is why Duracell has launched a new line of batteries called Prismatics. Prismatics will utilize a unique flat battery design that will provide a more compact platform for device manufactures to build new products on. The goals in the marketing
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• It will be sold directly to electronic manufactures and to consumers via specialty and general retail stores
• Batteries will also be sent separately to general retailers, online vendors, electronic specialty stores, camera stores, and wherever compatible portable electronic devices are sold

 When do customers purchase the firm's products?

• Purchase of batteries often complements an initial purchase of a toy or electronic device that says "Batteries not included"
• Consumers are often reminded to purchase batteries by the cashier at the store or by seeing another customer in the store buying batteries and be reminded of their own portable power needs
• Seasonal spikes in alkaline battery consumption occur around Christmas, summer, and the hurricane season. Also consumption may vary depending on the lifestyle and frequency of travel of the consumer

 Why (and how) do customers select the firm's products?

• The Duracell name means reliability to consumers and that is why their products are trusted by customers everyday
• They use the most advanced technologies to ensure that the power is there when the customers need it to be
• The main conflict that Duracell has right now is with consumers deciding to

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