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IMC Business Report | | For eighty years, in over forty different countries, Durex condoms are exceptionally known as the condoms of durability, reliability and excellence. | Written by: | Julie DoGeoff GilbertAnthony BoutrosJacqueline Tompkins | |

Contents INTRODUCTION 3 FUNDAMENTAL DECISIONS 4 Positioning 4 IMPLEMENTATION DECISIONS 6 Mixing Elements 6 Creating Messages 6 Selecting Media 6 Establishing Momentum 6 OUTCOMES 7 Enhance Brand Equity 7 Affecting Behaviour 7 PROGRAM EVALUATIONS 8 Measuring Feedback 8 Providing Feedback 8 Taking Corrective Action 8 REFERENCES 9


Condoms are a form of contraception worn by males to effectively form a barrier to prevent both partners
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Durex aims to capitalise on the need for sexual boost that the consumer desires.

Pleasuremax will be mass marketed and distributed so that we can reach the largest possible portion of the market as possible.

Setting Objectives
The goal for the company’s marketing team was to expand Durex’s market and map out various products which consumers want to use to improve their sex life. The company also wanted to change the perception of these products, ‘whilst the traditional sex toy in many cases is effective’, it is also original. Durex wants to expand their market by introducing new, unique condoms onto the market with introducing new styled products such as ‘ribbed’ and ‘dotted’.
Due to Durex large product range, Durex use a Bottom-Up/Top-Down Process and a Top-Down/Bottom –Up process where product managers submit budget requests to higher levels of management. After this is processed, the higher levels of management then establish the total size of the budget and then allocate it among the various divisions, i.e. various products in Durex’s product range.

Mixing Elements
Durex will be using advertising and sales promotion to enhance product awareness to their target audience. Marketers of Durex have adopted various creative advertising strategies in their campaigns suited

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