Durex Marketing Plan

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Durex Marketing Plan

Market Summary

The Durex brand is well known and well trusted. So was the company’s marketing strategy. Condoms are most used by the 16 to 35 age group – a group most at risk in terms of sexual behaviour. For an older target group, the relevancy of Durex products wanes. This group is in a different life phase and has different sexual needs. Most people over 35 are married or in long-term relationships and therefore use other protection. While brand name recognition in this group is still very high, the product is no longer considered as relevant.
The traditional and ongoing challenge, according to Durex global marketing head Mark Critchley, is to constantly attract new customers to the company’s primary age group,
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The standard Durex condom is the Durex Natural Feeling Condom, which comes with water-based lubricant inside and reservoir tip to help provide a natural feeling during sex. An alternative to this classic is the Durex Enhanced Pleasure, which has a special contoured shape that creates both more sensitivity and a better fit to help enhance the experience. Looking for something a little more exciting? Try Durex High Sensation condoms, which differ from other ribbed condoms by having large ribs towards the open end, leading in an increase in sensation for your partner. Another condom in that same vein is the Durex Her Sensation condom, which with its specifically positioned ribs and berry scent will certainly please your partner, if not you as well. Don’t think that’s exciting enough? Then try the Durex Intense Sensation with its raised stud texture, which is sure to lead to a unique and memorable experience. And for those who love both ribbing and studs, there’s the Durex Pleasuremax, the ultimate in pleasure from Durex.
Looking for something in particular with your condom? Want to extend the experience for as long as humanly possible? Durex’s new Durex Performax condoms are for you then, as they contain a special climax control lubricant inside to help extend your experience long into the night. Interested in sensitivity and thinness? Durex Extra Sensitive Condoms are 20% thinner than the standard condom and have a fitted shape

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