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Durham Cathedral Durham Cathedral is one of the oldest examples of Romanesque architecture present in England today. Although the cathedral was completed in the early 12th century there are signs of Gothic architecture present due to the close relation of Romanesque and Gothic styles. In Robert Scott's book The Gothic Enterprise he discusses how the early Gothic style pulled heavily from the Romanesque style of architecture and built upon it's basic themes. Durham Cathedral's extensive history shows how the church's style of architecture remains mainly Romanesque, but has impressions of other styles due to renovations in different eras. Durham Cathedral has been described as one of the great architectural experiences of Europe. …show more content…
The Cloister, on the south side of the Cathedral, was begun at the same time as the
Cathedral but contains much work from the 15th century or later. The College, the name given in Durham to the Cathedral Close, is a quiet area on the south side of the Cathedral.
It is the home of the Cathedral clergy and others associated with its life, and of the
Chorister School, a co-educational school where the Cathedral choir boys are educated.
Many of the buildings surrounding the Green originated in the Middle Ages, and entry is gained via the medieval gate house which is still locked every night.
The Reformation was a watershed in the Cathedral's history as it brought the dissolution of the Priory and its monastic community. The monastery was surrendered to the Crown in December 1540, thus ending hundreds of years of monastic life at the
Cathedral. In January 1541 the Cathedral was refounded, the last Prior became the first
Dean, and twelve former monks became the first Canons. Much valuable information about life in the Cathedral in the period immediately prior to the dissolution can be found in a 1591 work, ‘The Rites of Durham' which it is presumed was written by a former member of the monastic community and is available in the Cathedral. Despite the continuity of some of the personnel, this period must have been very traumatic in the life of the Cathedral as medieval worship

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