During An Individual’S Life Span, Diverse Emotions, Many

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During an individual’s life span, diverse emotions, many prosperities, and adversities will be experienced. Some individuals view life as remaining positive through incurred challenges. In life, pleasant and unpleasant situations will be encountered; however it is important to learn to live through all. Individuals will keep memories close to heart, but memories of happiness, joyfulness, excitement, fun, laughter, and loving will always forever stay close to one’s heart. In nineteen years of life, I have had many exciting experiences. For example, earning a Division One football scholarship and buying my first car. They both were extremely proud moments in my life, however, my first time playing in a Division One football game is one of …show more content…

I wanted to show my coaches that I deserved to be on that field playing. I diligently watched film, studied my playbook, and gave 110% effort in practice all week. On this Saturday morning, we were in pregame walk through as I imagined myself making immense plays in the game. As I got dressed for the game my nerves began to grow uneasy. I started to gain negative visions of making mistakes and forgetting everything in order to prove myself. I was frightened of making those mistakes and abusing my opportunity. The next thing I remember is running out onto the field in front of 21,000 people. It was loud, the crowd was “roaring”, and I was ecstatic. I knew my family would be proudly watching me on ESPN 3 all the way from Silsbee, Texas, 1, 800 miles away, in which made me more excited. At this time, nerves had gotten the best of me. During the National Anthem, I found myself near a garbage disposer vomiting my guts up. One of the team managers covered me with a towel to block the view of the people. Next, it was halftime and the coaches were implementing adjustments to apply in the game. I sat thinking to myself, “Why haven’t I gotten a chance to play yet?” Feelings of disappointed began to fester, I began to think that I wouldn’t get to play, but I knew I had to remain optimistic. Play after play, my emotions grew with frustration as I continued to watch the game from the sideline. Finally, it was the

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