During An Interview With Amazon’S Ceo Jeff Bezos Regarding

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During an interview with Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos regarding their success, he stated “Put plainly, Amazon puts the customer at the center of everything they do.” This customer focus is what creates loyal and happy customers that are excited to shop at your retail store. First it is crucial to gather information from your customers to understand what their needs are, what they are happy with, and what can be improved. “Whether you engage with trained and certified mystery shoppers capable of providing detailed customer experience reports, a customer intercepts program geared to capture reactions just after customers leave the store, or customer satisfaction surveys tailored to your in-store experience, this is a key step to defining exactly…show more content…
After careful analysis of retail store sales, expansions, restructuring, and competition of online retailers, I have found that Wal-mart stores have continued to thrive through the financial crisis of 2008 and continue to growth through rebranding and continuing to incorporate new technology to provide the highest level of customer service (see figure 6). As technology becomes a bigger part of our lives every day, it becomes more important than ever to increase technology into the shopping experience for the customers. Furthermore, with online retailers providing a wide variety of products, product selection is crucial. Stores that do not provide a large selection of different products will continue to show declines, compared to stores that incorporate new products and various types of single products. Wal-mart has shown that including grocery items into their stores has allowed for a single inclusive shopping experience, and results in increased sales revenue. Single item stores, such as Payless and Radio Shack, that never branched into new product lines, have found themselves closing up shop sooner rather than later (see figure 7). This leads to a primary conclusion that innovative incorporation of technology, research into customer studies of newest trends, and an incorporation of new products to increase the “one-stop” atmosphere in retail stores

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