During Clinical, I Had The Opportunity Of Working With

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During clinical, I had the opportunity of working with a 29 year old mother who had an epidural/spinal analgesia induced, low transverse, and cesarean birth. With a low transverse C-Sectional, as the name implies, is a horizontal cut across the lower part of the uterus. In the United States, whenever possible, a low skin incision below or at the bikini line with a low transverse uterine incision is the approach of choice. Her expected date of delivery was March 06, 2017 but she delivered on March 10, 2017 and was discharged five days later, which was on March 16, 2017. Upon my first encounter when I had to go in and do my assessment and vitals, I was little skeptical because of the mothers demeanor. She looked a little bit unhappy,…show more content…
Caesarean births mother are normally kept for 72 hours, which is the normal length of stay if the complications normal and not severe. This is to ensure the mother and baby receive best evidenced-based care and support and resources before they are been discharged. Upon reviewing her chart and working with her I learnt that, assessing postpartum complications are were not only limited to medical and clinical aspect but as a nurse I need to also beware of social and psychological cues when preparing the patients plan of care. As this is also considered a crucial complication/diagnosis that needs to be addressed. As nurses these are areas where we could advocate for the client because, the well-being of the baby and mother can be altered by these problems. I learnt that Social and psychological health is crucial to a mother’s capacity to function optimally, enjoy relationships, prepare for the infant’s birth, cope with the stresses and appreciate the joys of parenthood. ELABORATE During clinical as I was reviewing my clients chart, my Clinical Teacher asked, what is her expected date of delivery for this mother? When did she deliver? What date is today? My initial answer was ‘’maybe a severe complication’’? Then she asked again what the complication does she have? I didn’t know the
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