During Edps 315, I Have Found Three Lessons That Are Most

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During EDPS 315, I have found three lessons that are most relevant to me, based on my predicted future career. The first lesson was the topic of motivation. Secondly, I chose to pick emotional regulation and stress management. The last lesson I chose was cultural diversity at the workplace. Since these topics are all very important in STEM majors, especially engineering, I optimistically went on to preparing the interview. These lessons became the fuel for interview questions that I would ask the professional in my field, which works right here at Purdue University. This individual gave me a great deal of information which applied to the topics covered. From my interview with the manager of the nuclear reactor at Purdue, I discovered…show more content…
Since knowing how to motivate your coworkers can mean the difference between meeting a deadline or failing to get a project off of the ground. Since motivation is something that can be natural (intrinsic) and easy to achieve or fueled from an outside source (extrinsic), I believe it is an important topic to keep in one’s mind, so I naturally wanted to discuss the motivation techniques used by the professional I interviewed. The next most relevant lesson was managing your emotions and stress at work. I know that stress is a normal part of being human, and it is always going to occur at work. Since I plan on working in a lab in my future, I will be in a high stress environment when I am working with delicate tools or dangerous chemicals that must be handled correctly. Emotions are also important to keep in check, as a bad day outside of work could cause a distraction in the laboratory. I also know that as I gain leadership responsibilities at my career, I will also make sure to keep others’ emotions in check to make sure the lab is as safe as possible. Because regulating emotions and stress are such important tasks in my future career, I believe that this lesson is important to me. Lastly, I believe that diversity and culture are important topics in my future career. In any career, one will interact with individuals from different cultures and backgrounds, and this is especially true for STEM majors, like Chemical Engineering.

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