During My Undergraduate Tenure, I Was Extremely Active

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During my undergraduate tenure, I was extremely active within the community as well as on campus. I worked with a wide spectrum of individuals, from fellow peers to Vice Chancellors. Several of the activities included tutoring, lab work and presentations. I believe, these works are the initial stones that laid the ground work for my current path to a graduate degree in the biomedical sciences. While at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, one place I volunteered my time was within the STEM program. This program held Saturday Academy amongst a plethora of other events on campus. This particular activity was held once a year; I participated twice. In both experiences, I helped direct high school students with several research…show more content…
I spent two years there where I tutored 1st- 4th grade students in STEM related areas. I provided age appropriate science experiments on Enrichment Thursdays in an effort to engage these students further in the sciences. Their mindsets about science and math as a whole were completely changed. As a result, standardized test scores increased and their overall experience with science improved. This engaging experience allowed me to see that encouraging young children to love science today helps create the future physicians and researchers of tomorrow. I was able to see a change in them while consistently encouraging these children to pursue the sciences. Every day, they unknowingly encouraged me to continue to do the same. I am currently working at The University of Texas Health San Antonio in Dr. Ann Griffith 's research laboratory. My project is a novel approach for enhancing thymic recovery after cytoablative therapy. For this experiment, I perform bone marrow transplants and harvests on genetic knock-out mice. Donor bone marrow cells are sorted via the Aria, an instrument at our institutions flow core facility. These cells are then retro-orbitally injected into recipient mice. Four weeks later, I count lymphocytes with a hemocytometer and phenotype via the LSRII, another analyzer at our flow core. I am trained to perform all these techniques for my experiments. Working in Dr. Griffith 's research laboratory has been a great experience for me. I have gained a
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