During Sermon On Violence Analysis

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The article, “During Sermon on Violence, N.C. Pastor Confronts Man With Rifle” written by Carma Hasssan talks about how a young man in about his 20’s comes into a church and confesses his wrongdoing. A couple days ago it was a celebration for us all as we celebrated another year gone and for this church it was no different. The pastor in the church named Larry Wright was giving his speech 20 minutes before midnight. All at once a man walks in with a rifle as the pastor is talking about gun violence. Larry described gun violence as senseless and purely devastating. The man was already sitting down and in one hand was his rifle and the other was a magazine filled with ammo. The pastor was one of the first people to recognize the man and what he was carrying, which lead to Larry walking back to the man to start a conversation with the gunman. The…show more content…
He showed that true men can rise above those willing to harm and not only stop them, but teach them about the mistakes they made. When the man came to his senses and confessed his wrongdoings he supported the core democratic value of life. This is because his initial intentions were to cause harm to others, but when he felt that God lead him to make the right decision it prevented him from violating other people’s lives. This article also explains that the pastor was the one who confronted this man and helped him feel loved, which supports the core democratic value of common good. From the moment that Larry initiated a conversation with this man he explained to him that what you would have done was going to lead him right back to where he was. By making him feel welcomed in church and letting the man listen to him speak allowed this man to be relieved of all the stress he contained in his life. This showed this pastor taught this man how to succeed in life, which not only benefited the man but any other people struggling in
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