During The Enlightenment Period, An Italian Social Philosopher

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During the Enlightenment period, an Italian social philosopher named Cesare Beccaria became known for his idea of classical criminology. Classical criminology is the idea that criminals choose to commit the crimes and it can simply be controlled by punishment. This theory had several ideas: 1.) people have the free will to choose to become a criminal in order to meet their needs, 2.) they will not choose to commit the crime if they feel the punishment is not worth it, and 3.) in order to decrease the crime rate, the punishment must be able to convince the criminals that it is not worth it. Throughout the movie, Blood In Blood Out, the main characters struggle throughout their life that is filled with crime and violence. Miklo, who is…show more content…
This is an ongoing problem with Miklo; he wants to fit in with a gang, weighs out the pros and cons and then decides to risk the punishment in order to fit in. Paco is different; he eventually wants to make everything better. At first, he makes poor decisions, but once he realized he was about to go to prison, he realized that the punishment is not worth it, so he chooses to join the military. After his injury, Cruz becomes a heroin addict in order to reduce the pain in his back. He made the decision that the heroin was worth it if it managed to reduce the pain. However, this resulted in the death of his brother and his family disowning him. Social Learning Theory: The social learning theory is the idea that observing other 's social interactions will shape the person 's behaviors. These observations can be from watching someone who is really close to you or can simply be from the media, which controls everyday life. Albert Bandura was one of the theorists who brought about this idea with his Bobo doll experiment. In this experiment, he would study the children 's behavior after they watched an adult act violently towards the Bobo doll. In the end, these children would observe these adults and would then mimic their actions in violently attacking the doll. This became the basic idea of the social
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