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Nick Bennett Dale Tomich Sociology 200 6/9/2014 Durkheim’s Mechanical and Organic Solidarity According to Durkheim there are two types of solidarities that connect in with societies and bond with people as one meaningful entity based on meaningful values, this includes Mechanical Solidarity and Organic solidarity. Organic Solidarity can be defined as “a state of interdependency created by the specialization of roles in which individuals and institutions become acutely dependent on others in a complex division of labor” (Index 1). On the other hand you have Mechanical Solidarity which according to “Emile Durkheim (1858-1917) to refer to a state of community bonding or interdependency which rests on a similarity of…show more content…
It may have similar beliefs shared among some but the majority of the populations beliefs will be scattered which allows for additional free will and interdependence. In this case the people are working with society, rather than being controlled by it to a certain extent. “Durkheim believed that the specialization process of organic societies are responsible for, changes the economic state from communal to individual economic interdependence.” (Durkheim 1) Since the Organic Solidarity society is more of an individualized community, it also has to depend on other members of the society in order to continually have different economic support as well as maintaining their certain job market. What happens is that in Organic Solidarity you may have a specialized skill that no one else may have but so will other people. In order to get the business going completely each individual will have to use those skills cooperatively; otherwise there can be problems in the division of labor. In this manner if the Organic solidarity is advanced enough which it will be can form and use a Social solidarity. Within the Social Solidarity it can be explained as a community that thrives off each other in a self-regulating system. An example of this kind of Solidarity could be “farmers produce the food to feed the factory workers, who produce the tractor that allows the farmer to produce the food.” (Boundless 1) Another example forming a
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