Durkheim Theory Of Suicide

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Émile Durkheim is a sociologist and a philosopher. He is known to be one of the greatest minds in the history of sociology. Durkheim created the first academic sociology appointment in the universities as a study. Durkheim was a functionalist, that believed that society’s individual components operate together. Since, Durkheim was a functionalist, one of his main questions was “how can an individual be unique and free without upsetting society’s delicate moral order?” This is when he wrote a book called, Suicide: A study in Sociology (1897). This piece was a case study called ‘Le Suicide’, in which known to be one of the most influential texts in sociology history. Durkheim saw society more than just individuals, in fact he saw suicide as…show more content…
These societies differ rates of suicide and the types of suicides. Durkheim viewed suicide similarly as crime and deviance; he felt that it could never be eliminated completely. Durkheim felt that the questions was not “why a person commits suicide, “but “why doesn’t everyone commit suicide?” So, Durkheim placed his focus on the latter question, in which he came up with four types of suicide that he felt were prevalent.

The social processes for the first type is Anomic suicide, known as a self-destructive behavior arising in a social setting that lacks sufficient sociomoral rules to constrain actors. Anomic suicide is most prevalent in periods of transition to modern society and is known to be a breakdown of social order. (Robertson, 366) It occurs due to an extreme lack of social regulation. Anomic suicide is characterized by an extraordinary lack of moral direction, where an individual feels isolated and morally adrift. This lack of moral regulation in modern societies cause intense social and personal change, causing an individual to feel like they have no moral anchor. Having no moral anchor can result in negative outcomes. For example, a loss of a loved one or economic crisis are examples of negative outcomes. Yet, it can also result from a positive change as well. Like winning

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