Durkheim 's Influence On Poverty

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Durkheim Application Durkheim brings out many characteristics that relate to poverty in society. Durkheim expanded upon the idea that big factors affect the little parts of society, which led to Durkheim coming up with the idea of social facts. Social facts are institutions that affect the way people behave. This concept ties into the perception of poverty because Durkheim gives several examples in our textbook such as, religion, crime, beliefs and etc., which all three of these factors help to explain poverty in some way. When looking at crime and how we shifted from local community based programs to larger government based programs, you can see poverty still is a factor. Durkheim includes this in his thoughts that crime has always been a factor in history and is still today. This ties into poverty programs because the people that tend to be in poverty are known to be the ones committing crimes. The government is more focused on who shouldn’t be getting the assistance than those that truly could benefit from the assistance. Tagging along with the subject of social facts, we see that Durkheim splits social facts up into two categories, which are nonmaterial and material. Material facts are known as structural components of society rather than nonmaterial, which focuses on moral and cultural components. Poverty plays a larger role in non-material social facts than material. Tying in religion that was mentioned in the above paragraph and morality, poverty is still being
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