Durkheim's Suicide And Anomiic Suicide

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One can only imagine how hard it might be to return to society after coming home from war or being in the military for a long person of time, especially since in 2012 the numbers of soldiers deaths by suicide where higher than deaths by combat (new source). Durkheim developed an abundant amount of information and research on suicide. He classified different types of suicides that can occur depending on society. His types of suicides can aid to the understanding of why these soldiers commit.
Durkheim had multiple types of suicides and their causes. Two of these types of suicides include egoistic and anomic suicide. Egoistic suicide is when social integration is too weak that it causes suicide (cite; notes 2015). This can happen when religious, domestic, and political social groups disintegrate with an individual and leaves that person
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Barrett was believed to have been on leave when he showed up at his family’s house for a range of a few months. Shortly after his stay at his family, Barrett committed “suicide by cop” (new source). Barrett’s suicide could be considered either Anomic or Egoistic suicide, depending on how one interprets it. If we take an anomic suicide approach we could conclude that his suicide was caused because when he came home from war, his needs and ideas on life differed so much that they could not be met and trying to reintegrate within society became to stressful and painful that he could not handle it. If we look at it from an egoistic approach we can say that once back at home in society, and away from his military lifestyle, society disintegrated him and made him feel like he did not belong. From being disintegrated he experience excessive individualism, which caused the suicide. These types of suicide are not only possible for Barrett, but for any type of solider coming home from deployment, which could explain the high rate in solider
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