Durkheim's Theory of Suicide Essay example

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Durkheim's Theory of Suicide

The main purpose of this document is to give an explanation to Durkheim’s theory in the light of his sociological analysis of suicide. I will stress the importance of suicide that Durkheim considered and how he was competent enough to present reasons to the social causes, as well as examining the variations in suicide rates by means of his hypothesis of social integration and regulatory functions of society. In doing so, this will determine the outcome if there are any complications to his theory.
Emile Durkheim wrote a book called "Le Suicide" one of which his work was revolutionised in the field of sociology. It was first published at the end of the 19th century with the intention of demonstrating the use
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105). In this case, suicide in all religion is criticized more or less to be consistent and doctrinal statements relating to suicide all lack positive attributes.
Another case in point of Durkheim's view is the manner in which he examines global factors, such as season or climate. Durkheim (2002) describes that in every nation the rate of suicide in the summer seasons is higher without exception, despite the fact, that during the six months that are warmer through to the six months that are colder the percentage of suicides is extremely comparable in each of the nations (pp. 56-57). He further comments that by analyzing his theory it had led some critics to believe that "heat increases the excitability of the nervous system" (p. 58). On the other hand, suicide may likely be an effect from depression rather from over-excitement and high temperatures could not possibly achieve the same way on both factors. Durkheim (2002) further examines by considering variations in temperature and explains that even though suicides rise in figures as temperature escalates, suicides exceed a climax earlier than of temperature (p. 59).
Durkheim then considered four distinctive forms of suicide that were found in all societies, to which are established on the grounds of two social facts: social integration and moral regulation. Integration is defined as the degree of social relations to which an individual or group of different race, is brought into
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