Dust Bowl Sustainability

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Do we have hope for our resources and our environment? I think it truly depends on all of us as the upcoming generation to make sure that our resources are used properly. For me it means using the resources, while not depleting all of them. The Earth doesn’t have to be raped, for us to live comfortably. Sustainability is made up of multiple different parts not just a single part. You have to think broadly when it comes to a sustainable community. There are sustainable practices for agriculture, energy, etc. For agriculture , we mainly think about the soil and the erosion that occurs. Tilling used to be harsh and repetitive across the midwest, which in return destroyed the land taking all the nutrients from the soil. Another major problem with it was that the topsoil was pretty much nonexistent. All the plowing over and over again took away the root systems, making impossible for the topsoil to stay in place. We all have heard about the Dust Bowl, but no one young ever understands why it really happened. That is one reason why sustainability is heard to keep under control, because if we don’t fully understand the big mistakes made by the generations before us, how will we know not to make the same mistakes as they did. The Dust Bowl could have been prevented, but who knew that the topsoil…show more content…
An example of a local sustainable energy source is all the solar farms that have been popping up in and surrounding counties. Solar energy is a cleaner better choice than let's say coal. Coal has to be extracted, in ways such as blowing up mountains, causing high levels of heavy metals and other unwanted toxins in nearby rivers and streams. To become a true sustainable community we need to explore all the renewable resources and use them to their full extent. Solar farms do take up space, but they are better for the environment than many options used
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