Dust Tracks

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Dust Tracks on a Road Hurston’s Dust Tracks on a Road depicts the struggle and journey of growing up in a predominately African American society. She displays how African Americans were curtailed to nothing after the Civil War and how it was quite difficult to commence a town on their own of there own race. Her autobiography entails the very candid moments of the Harlem Renaissance. As the novel is exposed in the opening chapter the subject matter is revealed and it entails Zora Neale Hurston’s life. “So you will have to know something about the time and place where I came from, in order that you may interpret the incidents and directions of my life” (Hurston 1). The setting appears to be one of the developing subjects in the novel…show more content…
This could potentially be the vacuum or circuit in Hurston’s life that attested for her fame in the Harlem Renaissance. The war generals were also very significant people in the development of Eatonville and neighboring towns. “Now, these founders were, to a man, people who had risked their lives and fortunes that Negroes might be free. Those who had fought in the ranks had thrown their weight behind the cause of Emancipation” (5). This demonstration of leadership and uncertainty are characteristics that Hurston posses. “So, in a raw, bustling frontier, the experiment of self-government for Negroes was tried. White Maitland and Negro Eatonville have lived side by side for fifty-five years without a single instance of enmity. The spirit of the founders ha reached beyond the grave” (6). Hurston’s opening exposition reveals only partial of what could be the remaining events in the novel. However they do parallel with the theme of an individual versus society. This being said because she has become a product of her environment and her environment has shaped her in many ways as a writer. She was fortunate enough to grow up in a very influential area. She prepares the reader for potential conflict with her environment because her environment is so historic and classic. This usually results in amending one’s behavior or having to comply with the rules of society. But by having read other novels by Hurston one knows that she is not one to agree in compliance and
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