Dutch commando corps Essay

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Case 1 – Selection: Staffing Dutch corps commando troops

1. There are five main competencies needed for the staffing of the Dutch Corps Commando Troops. The competencies, as mentioned in the article given, include (1) physical abilities, (2) war-fighting skills (such as skills in explosive ordnance disposal, close quarters battle, aerial infiltration, and survival, evasion, resistance and escape), (3) mental ability (cognitive capacity, for example), (4) personality traits or characteristics (such as decisiveness, emotional stability, confidence and extraversion), and last but not least, (5) integrity or trustworthiness.

In order to join the Dutch corps commando troops it is required to have a special skill set. By using different
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The assessment centers usually last one to two days, and entail both individual and group assessment. As different skills are measured by different exercises, all the different aspects and skills involved in war fighting can be evaluated accurately instead of having generic tests, which only assess general abilities.

To assess the third competency (mental ability), the candidate should undergo Psychometric testing, such as aptitude tests and cognitive tests. This will give us an illustration of the candidate´s memory capacity, numerical skills, learning capability, logical thinking, puzzle solving and social and spatial ability. This is crucial to find a suitable candidate who meets the requirements for the different challenging tasks. The cognitive ability test is important to illustrate the candidate´s ability to retain a huge amount of information such as details about suspects, local customs and language. These reveal how well the candidate can perform demanding tasks under pressure, which is essential in stressful situations.

Personality characteristics, such as decisiveness, emotional stability, confidence and extraversion, can be analyzed using three selection methods: individual interviewing, self-assessment and personality testing. By interviewing the applicants, they can be assessed for personal characteristics, communication skills and practical intelligence, and it can be determined whether the individual in question possesses the confidence,
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