Duties Of Fice Nurse

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1. Describe the following five (5) duties of the office nurse (or whoever does this in the office/clinic. (10 points) 1. Scheduling/referrals: Medical records is responsible for scheduling and appointments. The Physician also will ask the nurse to schedule patients for specific time and days. The Patient Care Representative is responsible for referrals and ensuring each patient is informed about resources needed. 2. Documentation: Each nurse is responsible for their own documentation pertaining to their patient. Physicians may also document in the chart according to their assigned patients. There is typically a phone nurse that may document the status of each patient, there whereabouts, the assigned provider and the patient’s…show more content…
All and all, everyone typically helps each other with cleaning and stocking around the clinic. 5. Make follow-up phone calls: The nurses have a computer database that has a section called “Task” that has a list of follow-up phone calls needed. Each nurse working with a specific Physician is in charge of making follow-up phone calls to the assigned patients. If the patient does not answer, the nurses are not allowed to disclose any patient information on the voicemail. The patient’s must return the call in order to receive follow-up information. The Physician may also make follow-up phone calls if there is specific information that he/she would like to give to the patient. 2. Describe five (5) procedures in which you were able to assist or observe in this setting. (Include patient complaint, procedure, and patient teaching. (15points) Complaint Procedure (what was done) Patient Teaching 1. Abscess on left buttocks I & D (Incision and Drainage) The patient was instructed to take prescribed antibiotics daily until completion of full regimen. The patient also was taught how to change the dressing on his buttocks and was told the dressing needed to be changed daily to prevent infection. The patient was also prescribed Hibiclens soap and was instructed to take a bath in it once a week and told to make sure he kept the dressing and incision dry for 2-3 days before emerging in water. Follow-up appointment was
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