Duties and Responsibilities of a Business Manager

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When internal change is called for, he must manage that change. External response is elicited by trends and innovations in the outside business world. When internal controls and resources merge or respond to external trends and opportunities, strategic management is set in operation. The manager constructs plans accordingly and guides the entire organization through the needed strategic changes. These changes in company strategy must be infused or reflected in its mission statement, the traditional SWOTT analysis and strategic choices. The mission statement expresses the core culture and direction of the company. The SWOTT analysis embodies the company's internal and external capabilities in meeting and responding to internal and external stimuli and charting its direction as well as its future. And strategic choices are the important decisions made by its top management executives. These incur substantial company resources and exact long-term consequences, which are difficult to change in case of poor outcomes. Strategic management enables him and other managers to plan ahead and make high-quality strategic choices for eventual or unforeseen unique or risky future situations. But strategic management can also fail or disappoint if the plan miscarries or does not turn out as planned (Frenz).…
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