Duy Huynh’S Work Has Inspired People For Years And Is Known

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Duy Huynh’s work has inspired people for years and is known to make a lasting impression on people at first glance. His inspiration mainly comes from ancient folklore and comic books. While much of his work is deeply personal, his clever and often times humorous use of symbolism and wordplay invites the viewer to create their own storyline. There is one painting from his collections that stood out to me more than any other painting he did, it was called "Evening Echos". Evening Echoes painting contains hidden meanings within the artwork to enhance the overall experience for the person viewing the painting. His purpose for this painting to show the viewer the story behind the women in the painting.
"Evening Echos" is a painting of a girl
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In came to this conclusion, by the way arranged the butterflies and having the trumpet the arranged to be circular form. In addition, the moon also plays a key factor in the painting because it is representing a cycle as well. The moon’s cycle is to come up at night and go down in the morning. I believe the women is kind of letting life past her by because she is standing in one position with her eyes close to maybe indicate that she not making herself present during the process of the cycle. The artist chose to highlight her, the trumpet, the moon, and the butterflies by lighting the background surrounding them and also chose bright colors to color in the objects.
This painting contains a lot of key objects within it that helped express the moral of the painting. One key element of the painting was the moon, the moon was used to represent a cycle, in my opinion. The moon represents the passing of time and embodies its cycle. The moon has different phrases throughout the years and its surface interchanges between light and dark. The light side I believe represents immortality and source of light and hope during night time. The alternative side of the moon represents the gorier side of the night. I believe that the moon in this picture, with connection to the girl, that she experiencing source of hope or promise because the moon is completely light.
The butterflies with the picture is follows along

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