Dvorak Symphony 9

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The second concert film watched in class was Symphony No.9 in E Minor “From the New World”, composed by Antonin Dvorak. The piece was performed by the Vienna Philharmonic. The piece follows the standard form from the Classical era, featuring four movements. The first and last movements are in Sonata-Allegro form, while the second and third are in ternary form.
The first movement begins with the lower strings playing rather softly, with the French horn and the winds coming in behind them. The minor tone of the piece, and the gradual increase in the dynamic, helps build tension. The movement has many tempo changes as it presents two different themes during it. The themes themselves can be very loud, especially with the full orchestra playing,
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The first theme has a bold and majestic feel to it, with the trumpets and horns declaring it. The overall feeling is much more positive than what was seen earlier and gives a sense that the performance is coming to a major conclusion. The crescendos are followed usually by the winds, especially the clarinet, and play at a much softer tone. Once again the timpani plays a large role in adding to the crescendos and the brass play louder than they have throughout the entire piece. The performance comes to a conclusion with the full orchestra playing theme 1, and lastly with the woodwinds bringing it to a close.
There were actually two parts in this piece that I enjoyed the most. The first was the melody played by the English horn in the second movement. It contrasted the dark mood of the first movement very well while also being a very soothing melody on its own. It reminded me most of the type of music found in the Lord of the Rings film adaptations. I also really enjoyed the crescendo in the third movement and how Dvorak was able to build up to that moment. I felt the brass and percussion were able to compliment the strings extremely well and create a very loud
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